Waddafork.com is a labor of love; started by foodies, for foodies.
The focus here is on quality over quantity. Each and every recipe is carefully vetted, tried and tested, before it is even considered for our subscribers.

The modern trend is to take otherwise simple dishes and tart them up with all kinds of obscure ingredients that you’re either not likely to be able to source or you’d have to buy a whole bag when you only require a pinch. They then get thrown into the cupboard never to be seen again … until the next big ‘clear out’.

At Waddafork.com, we aim to provide you with recipes that are interesting, different, affordable, within most people’s abilities and no doubt delicious beyond compare. They are recipes that you will return to time after time, guaranteed.

Enjoy the site and get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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