Crispy, Sticky, Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce

Delicious fried chicken wings - easy Vietnamese recipes

You will love this recipe for Crispy, Sticky, Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce. It is lip-smackingly good and the taste is so addictive. There is just the right balance of salty, sweet, spicy and sour flavors and the mix of textures; juicy chicken, crispy skin and sticky sauce just make it perfect.


10 chicken wings
2 tbsp tapioca/corn starch
3 hot chili peppers
1 large clove garlic
3 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp fish sauce
3 tbsp water
1 tbsp fresh lime/lemon juice
vegetable oil to deep fry


1. Cut the chicken wings at elbow joint, break at the knuckle and cut through the cartilage. Pat dry with kitchen towel.Season lightly both sides with salt and pepper. Set aside for 15 minutes.
2. Pound garlic, chili and sugar in a mortar and pestle finely. Add fish sauce, water, and lime juice. Stir well to dissolve.
3. In a ziplock bag, add 2 tbsp tapioca/corn starch and the wings. Shake well to coat. Remove the chicken wings and shake off the excess starch.
4. In a large pan, add cooking oil just enough to over the base of the pan. Place the wings into the oil when it is still cold. Turn on the heat to medium high. Increasing temperature of the oil will cook the wings inside out, making it crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Fry for about 10 mins or until the edges turn golden, turn them over and fry for another 8-10 mins until golden brown.
5. You now have 2 options: Option 1: Remove each wing and dip into the sauce while it is still hot. Option 2: Drain the oil, put the chicken wings back to the pan, pour the sauce over and simmer on low heat for 3-5 mins until the sauce thickens. Option 2 may make your house stink of fish sauce.
6. Transfer to a plate. Garnish with tomato slices and cilantro. Serve with rice or as finger food.